Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 Saint Emilion classification

In the supplement of the Journal du Dimanche, 24 June, Bettane and Desseauve wrote an article on the best wines in 2011 and Saint Emilion’s classification. Considering the article written in L'Express’s wine Special, these two journalists are not afraid to express their views before publication of results in September / October 2012.

Mr Jean Louis Buer, director of the INAO, also answered Vitisphère’s questions on Saint Emilion’s Grand Crus classification. In addition, on the website of Nicolas de Rouyn, Thierry Desseauve gives his opinion as well as Francois Mauss on the site of the European Grand Jury. In fact, there are very few articles written about the event of the year in the world of wine from Saint Emilion and its 5500 hectares (with the 1st Jazz Festival July 19 to 22).

It is probably difficult and courageous to give ones opinion on probable, or improbable, properties promoted or downgraded. What is certain is that the number of newly promoted announced seems rather high, but this is only speculative. As for me, I just hope that this classification will reward "good" properties (the bad ones will be judged by the market...)