Thursday, July 26, 2012


While my bankers are analyzing the state of my business, perhaps, to find stable revenues, or to find synergies with partners, Tuesday, I had a second lunch with Thierry Verstraete and Gerard Néraudau. After going to the oyster bar Huitrier Pie, we ate at the restaurant Le Tertre to finish a series of meetings. We brought documents on my business which they plan to use to write a chapter about - if I understood correctly - a “Thunevin” business model. If such entrepreneurial, economic, etc... model exists.

As with journalists, all these questions researchers have give me the opportunity to... ask myself and think about what I did, am doing or will do!

As it is most of the time to talk about my story, it is relatively easy. With age, repeating the same story becomes second nature and, anyway, they have a natural empathy, which makes it easier.

I said that Pierre-Marie Chauvin psychoanalyzed me. Well, these two still carry-on. And there is a lot to do!

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