Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Visit in Fronsac

Château de Carles, in full vinification, will probably make a good wine. When will a journalist write an article on this wine and give it its proper value crossing the conventional lines of Bordeaux appellations?

We tasted Haut Carles 2001, classic Bordeaux, 2007 delicate and 2009 simply outstanding.
We visited Château La Dauphine, again in the middle of vinification, with its beautiful cellar and a great team busy working. 2009 tasted really good and is sold a very reasonable price, and the 2nd wine had finesse. Best of all, the property is going through an organic conversion.

Château Haut Mazeris, everyone knows my commitment to this sleeping beauty, the terroir is remarkable, and it constitute a big part of our Bad Boy. So taste the 2009!

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