Friday, October 28, 2011

Deliveries of the 2009

The warehouse in Saint Magne de Castillon is buzzing with work: the 2009 futures are being delivered by the chateaux or colleague negociants and are being prepared for shipment. Chateaux have been releasing their wines since March this year and this until March / April next year. It's a lot work, considering that a great vintage creates more sales and increases the number of references.

With this amount of work, Petits Chateaux, more affordable Bordeaux are selling very well, this 2009 vintage is really good and wines sold between 3 and 15 euros wholesale are in great demand.

After two years of average sales (11 million), the next one will easily reach between 15 and 17 million and probably fall back to 11/13 million in a couple of years.

The advantage of selling futures is that I have a fairly clear vision of what will happen in the next 18/24 months, after that it becomes more hypothetical.

Meanwhile, beautiful vineyards of Bordeaux are still selling well; according to the RVF, the remarkable terroir of Chateau Guillot in Pomerol has been sold. The buyer knows the full potential of this beautiful property, Michel Bettane had already noticed this property; La Violette and La Providence have also been rediscovered by their new owners.

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