Friday, October 7, 2011

Debra Meiburg in Hong Kong

Debra Meiburg, TV and internet journalist, and Master of Wine, a rare and difficult title to obtain, interviewed me in Hong Kong for a videos and an article she was putting together on Bad Boy, Valandraud and garage.

Thank you Debra for your generous effort promoting wine, so important for producers and consumers. Here is her website.

The 6th edition of the beautiful magazine, Vigneron, published an in depth portrait of Hubert de Bouard and Angelus, and another on Pierre Lurton, Cheval Blanc, Yquem and Marjosse.
A wine chronicle written by Bernard Burtschy with this title: uniformity creates boredom - and which ends: Beyond wine a certain conception of the world emerges!
Bernard misses the finesse of great Bordeaux, compared to power, and doesn’t use the word "brutality". Well, Bernard, come and see and I will organize a blind tasting to rekindle your desire to want, as our national Johnny Halliday would say.

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