Saturday, October 8, 2011

Invitation from the CIVB

I received an invitation for the release of the book by Jacques Dupont, "The Guide of Bordeaux Wines", published by Grasset.
Note to wine journalists and writers: the CIVB gives them access to their mailing list; provide them with their personalized envelopes and stamps to invite to use the bar of the CIVB for presentations and book signings. Please contact the press department of the CIVB, in addition it is also possible to sell their books there.
Competition for bookstores, usual places, and even book shelves of supermarkets.

This is funded by the CIVB, co financed or is this simply organized and paid by the publisher? It would be useful in the case of financing by the CIVB to do the same thing for the Guide Hachette, Guide Bettane & Desseauve, Guide Quarin, the Guide of René Gabriel, the Parker Guide, James Lawther, Andrew Jefford...
What does François Mauss thinks of this?

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