Monday, March 28, 2011


Bettane and Desseauve liked our 2008 cuvée Constance from Thunevin-Calvet, Côtes du Roussillon. There is no small pleasure… Oh yes, the title for this category is “Nice price” and Constance was included…

Thursday evening we were 5 and started with Fayat Thunevin 2007 Pomerol – talking about pleasure... It is a prefect wine for a restaurant, no fuss, delicious.

Haut Carles 2006, a step up, one of the best Haut Carles produced by this beautiful property. 3 de Valandraud 2003, obviously good, to be drunk soon.

Château de Lussac 2004, simply a fine wine.

In Château La Dominique, presentation of 2010 Clément Pichon, the Fayat softness, La Dominique is still a dilemma: better or not as good as 2009

With the buffet, La Dominique 2008 still closed, 2007 already good and 2006 beginning to reveal the style which made this property famous, a blend between Pomerol and Saint Emilion, made with Merlot, which thrives in this area.

Hay fever, every year is the same, same as being in exam season, notes, I am aching. I definitely need a doctor or a nurse. Don’t forget that I am becoming increasingly hypochondriac with age.

Friday at lunch, tasting of Les 5 at Smith Haut Lafitte.

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