Thursday, March 24, 2011

More notes

In Mark Squire’s BB on Robert Parker’s site, Jeff Leve posted notes and comments following Cercle Rive Droite’s recent trip to the USA.
Again my friends’ wines were well noted:
Fleur Cardinale 92-95, Fombrauge 89-91, La Dauphine 89-91, Clos des Jacobins 90-93, Bon Pasteur 91-94, Magrez Fombrauge 95-98, Le Moulin 90-92, Patris 87-89, Rol Valentin 91-93.

As for me, in the meantime, I feel my usual stress and sore throat, not helpful for tasting...
Yesterday for dinner with 2 friends crazy about wine: Deiss Altenberg 2005, full of fruit, Gracia 2004 beautiful wine, Croix de Labrie 2004 too bad for slightly corked, Mondotte 2007 seriously corked, Gomerie 2006 fine and very good, Vieux Maillet 2006, shouldn’t have been opened with this series, and, blind Trotanoy 2005, one of our favorite wines in this appellation blessed by God.
Truffles and morels with Pomerol, I can’t think of better match.

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