Wednesday, March 23, 2011


James Suckling started publishing his comments and notes on Bordeaux 2010.
His comments on the vintage were pretty good, some 2010 – including a few properties he preferred to 2009. He tasted and noted some wines I don’t even know, proof of his curiosity. There will most likely be some great values considering that some 2010 icons will be sold at stellar prices!

In the meantime, for the wines I sell or from friends: Sénéjac 89-90, Siaurac 89-90, Lascombes 91-92, Marquis de Terme 92-93, Beau Soleil 90-91, Fleur de Gay 89-90, Rouget 92-93, Vray Croix de Gay 92-93, Bellefont Belcier 87-88 (with a nice comment?), Pressac 89-90, Fleur Cardinale 90-91, Fombrauge 89-90, Phélan Segur 92-93, Tour des Termes 89-90, Gloria 90-91.
Note the 92-93 given to Grand Corbin Despagne, 94 to Révérence, 93-94 to L’Ecuyer, 95-96 to Grand Puy Lacoste, 93-94 to Issan and all with such good comments you want to drink them

James Molesworth from Wine Spectator also tasted in New York with good notes and nice comments. It’s true that this vintage fits the “European” palate for Mr.:
Clos des Jacobins 92-95, Le Moulin 92-95, Le Prieuré 92-95, Rol Valentin 92-95, Boutisse 91-94, Aria de la Rivière 91-94, La Dauphine 90-93, Patris 90-93, Vray Croix de Gay 90-93, Haut Carles 89-92, Siaurac 89-92

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