Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pape Clément

Murielle and I were invited for lunch last Friday to Château Pape Clément. Were served with the meal: Pape Clément white 2007, delicious (2007 is a great vintage in Bordeaux for dry whites), Pape Clément red 1995, a caress, very good in this great vintage (Right Bank!) and then, the best and rare Magrez Fombrauge 2004: What a wine! It is exactly what we like.

What a pleasure to be invited by Mr. Magrez who I admire for his talent and energy, and the opportunity to talk about many subjects: wine, journalists (we have the same opinion about a French critic), Bordeaux wholesalers and how lucky Bordeaux is with this nice organization able to sell our wines all around the world, properties for sale, to buy, to create, agro-tourism, which Mr. Magrez takes very seriously, colleagues, friends, etc… Didn’t see the time fly sharing all these subjects.

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