Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wine Spectator, continued: comments on comments

Comments made by Julien Viaud (on my French blog) following my article:
“22 wines between 92 and 94/100 (as every year, the first growths, super second and others alike are featured), and 62 wines between 90 and 91/100!!!!
Without questioning the comments made on these wines, what's the point of using a rating scale in which all the notes are tightened and where everything is flat and smooth...”

Julian yes indeed, looking at it that way, all critics give almost the same result and a machine (in French) could possibly write the comments. It is true that one can expects that notes based on 100 would have more differences in accuracy compared to notes based on 20! But you have to take in consideration that men taste (in our place), that the task is not easy, etc... In this particular case, there are a few new things, knowing that there are 80 wines listed with notes out of 450 tasted.
Le Thil 91 points, Fieuzal 90, Manoir de Gay 91, Ferrand 91, Clos des Menuts 90, Défi de Fontenil 91, to compare to Château Margaux 91 or La Mission Haut Brion’s 90, considering, that's not bad compared to the first names mentioned ?!

Let’s not forget that this is part of the game: we are not obliged to read, participate or even comment. But the Wine Spectator is still one of the most influential media, while waiting to see what James Suckling’s site will be like.

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