Monday, December 6, 2010

Rain and cold weather

Now that rain and cold weather are here, it’s time for the fireplace, newspapers gathering with the family and wine.

With our meal we drank a great Meursault Charmes 2005 Buisson Charles, at the level of a grand cru level and more in the style of a great Puligny with this softness and flavors of hazelnut, paired with a bass caught wild and a tangy reduction, it was top.
2 wines, a bit too old for Murielle’s taste, it was a difficult vintage in Bordeaux: 1997, a bit too vegetal, in any case in Valandraud. In these two wines, no vegetal flavors, maybe they were a bit too over the hill, but good to drink - Monbousquet 1997 being more powerful than Quinault L'Enclos, finer.
With the cold weather, older wines find their place at the table, while Bel Air Ouy 2008 is light and, of course, with plenty of fruit and a hint of vanilla. It will certainly please anyone who like young wines.

Below, here is a more romantic comment written by Anthony regarding one of our wine: Fayat-Thunevin 2007 Pomerol
"When the right conditions are met.

An important event but with no pressure, our 2 years anniversary, spent at home on a Saturday evening. We started with a nice Sancerre, the famous Megalith cuvee 2007 from Domaine de la Perriere, and sat at the table, or rather on the floor because my darling decided so, a birthday meal our buns on the floor. Floored, I was, twice! For paired with the duck magret, and especially the cheese plate from our friend Jean d'Alos, I decided to open a bottle of red. I propose a Bolgheri, then a Chateauneuf, and finally a Pauillac. For each wine my partner's response was identical, NO. After two years I have a good idea of what she likes, but who dares nothing gains nothing! Not wanting to take a chance for this special evening, I decided, half-heartedly, to take the first Pomerol I saw, Domaine Fayat-Thunevin 2007. And there, I remained floored for a good three hours!
As we drank a good deal during that day, I decided to decant only half the bottle, thinking it would help us not to end-up completely drunk. This good intention was thrown out the window against this 2007, a vintage many criticized, yet which can be beautiful when men (woman?) cared for quality. Don’t count on me to describe it with the technical words of enologists, but instead I'll tell you how this nectar fit in with my evening

It started with some coarse words, like "Damn, this is good! As soon as the duck breast was finished, my taste buds were assaulted by a strange sensation, a perfect pairing, a Comte, matured for two years paired with Merlot, perfectly integrated and balanced. With ripe fruit (blackberry?). And your eyes closed made you think that jam is on the cheese. Then came the Brie de Meaux, a cheese that I particularly love but didn’t work well with this wine. This gave him time to open. From there a little game took place, you know the one guessing if the wine or the dish makes you want to keep on eating, even though you're already satiated for quite some time. Tonight the main players in this game were a Fourme d'Ambert and a wine a long finish which grew more and more incredible. We could not stop nibbling until the bottle was finished, and fortunately it happened before the cheese.

Will this wine give me as much pleasure and such emotions the next time, at a tasting or a meal surrounded by people and personalities I don’t like? Sitting in a muffled atmosphere, in company of men and women of high social status who would not understand my love for cheese and my tendency to call the waiter every 10 minutes. This could certainly happen! It doesn’t matter because I will link this Fayat-Thunevin 2007 with this "anniversary" evening, even if I don’t appreciate the next bottle, because there will be another bottle, I assure you dear Jean Luc. "

I recommend reading on PassionVin (in French), the commentary on the comic strip on Parker (and myself)

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