Monday, December 13, 2010

Action in Saint Emilion: 2 meetings the same day !

I am not a good audience, not to demanding, or I don’t like audits, bla bla bla…
On December 8, 2010 in the afternoon a meeting took place in the Dominican hall, organized by Le Conseil des vins de Saint Emilion (The Saint Emilion Wine Council), to present the results from an audit made of the Saint Emilion brand.

I don’t know how much this audit cost, who requested it, but I couldn’t stay more than an hour to listen and read all the comments made (actually, today, they started projecting the document read to the audience on a large screen and it is useful…)
There will most likely be a report posted on the internet for all members; I would like it to remain in the memories, especially for all of us who paid for it.
This is the first time I see an audit question a panel so unrepresentative of their client: where was Mrs Michu? But where were Mr. Li, Smith or Jones? (Not the journalist who was in the panel of the audited members, and already very involved, and probably our colleagues. Otherwise why was this audit done?)
It's rare to find as much to say on a subject as difficult as the (collective) brand of Saint Emilion. I left when I realized we had to make fruity wines, not Parkerized, no oak (new) and not too expensive. I did not wait for the rest in case it would become worse...

When I returned home, the meeting had started an hour late, I was able to talk to friends who had attended the entire meeting, which ended at 6 pm, they said that this presentation was interesting, especially at the end. Too bad I did not have the strength to stay; pity this habit of saying important things just 5 minutes before the end of a meeting. The busy man that I am has a hard time with these meetings where there’s a lot of twaddle... blablabla and blablabla as goes the song from the unlikely singer Philippe Katerine.
Oops, when I read the blog I love St. Emilion (in French), I saw that our neighbor and friend Jean Francois Quenin (Chateau Pressac) and president of Saint Emilion ODG commissioned the audit. Thank you Marilyn Widocq Charles.

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