Sunday, December 5, 2010


This was one of the themes discussed at a party with friends in Blaye including death, a topic which was very much part of our conversation. It was at least a very appropriate theme, following the amazing lunch I had the day before with my bankers, where the bank’s big boss asked me, after coffee and before leaving, if I had anticipated how my death will affect the survival of my business, and of course about his obligations! That, plus comments like "there is no reason why we, as bankers, wouldn’t be on your side”

Quickly, I asked a friend for a current assessment of my business, properties bought over the past 20 years and which have not yet been reevaluated, and, soon, need to be reported to my banker. I also paid a visit to my doctor for a thorough checkup and ask him when I'll be over the hill. That's to know how long I will benefit from reimbursements.

Drank in Blaye, a producer’s Champagne, Fayat-Thunevin 2007 Pomerol, Clos du Beau Père 2006 Pomerol, Clos Badon Thunevin 2006, Valandraud 2006 and 2005 as well as Bad Boy 2007, this, for the benefit of anti-oxidants.

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