Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hurrah for the train

Being able to take the TGV train in Libourne and arrive in the center of Paris 3 hours later is great, even if it is for work
The advantage, compared to Bordeaux airport, is that it's much closer to Saint Emilion and you only have to arrive 5 minutes before boarding.
It is also true that my maternal grandparents worked for the railways where they were in charge of a level-crossing living in a small house in exchange for closing or opening the road for the few trains passing. This sort of job disappeared. This seemed very exotic at the time when we lived in Algeria and came to visit our grandparents in France, in the department of Meurthe and Moselle.
The smell of polish in the house, the chime of grand-mother’s clock, the breakfasts, and homemade liquors made with currant and plum, fishing in the Meuse with a net and fishing line, hazelnuts and bicycle rides. It was before the sixties, there were dining cars where we ate well and jukeboxes in waiting rooms, and the General de Gaulle was everywhere...

And for the weekend, a bit more reading of Hervé Bizeul’s blog (in French).

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