Saturday, December 4, 2010


Monday, for lunch with Marc and Muriel, at the restaurant Chai Pascal, located rue Guadet, we paired with the daily special, a great Moulin Haut Laroque 2004. Such finesse, such fruit, what a beautiful and nice Fronsac!

Tuesday, lunch at home with our bankers: Valandraud Blanc 2005, very good wine, proof that similar changes affect red wines, with phases of opening and closing, and Valandraud 2005 red which tasted very good that day, favorable day for wines. As for the bankers it’s another story...

I am in my period of expectation, as I despair to convey our sales from the futures campaign. In terms of numbers: 2009 is for example much higher than the cumulative figures of 2008 and 2007 and similar to the figure for 2000! As for 2010, I have no idea!
Ideally, I should not need my bankers and sell my business every 3 years to reassess its value, for it is not listed: my INC is only worth what a company would be willing to pay to acquire it.
Funny world we live in where states can go bankrupt, banks too, but where a small French company must have capital and profits guaranteed by tons of certainty, security and guarantees.
I will be forced to do a LBO, LBI or OBO (check Wikipedia), create a holding, open my capital to be able to expend my business?

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