Monday, March 3, 2008

What’s the connection between sex and Bordeaux wine?

This is the question being asked, here in Saint Emilion, when you meet Michel Puzio, owner of Château Croix de Labrie. His wine has gone from being a garage wine (according to Parker) to a salon wine (according to the Revue du Vin de France) and a medicine wine (“Liquid Viagra” according to Parker).

Is Croix de Labrie prescribed in Chinese pharmacies as an alternative to Rhinoceros horn?
It would be a good way to protect Rhinos… and to financially help Michel Puzio fulfill his dream of building a nice cellar in the Saint Emilion appellation (this is a notice for sellers of nice cellars).

Isn’t porn (chic of course) a great promotional avenue ?
In any case, Michel Puzio’s wines have been good for quite a long time. 100% Merlot is not only reserved to the illustrious Petrus and I hope that the American film on Merlot will have as much impact as Sideways had for Pinot.

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