Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cool, Raoul

In response to Philippe du Bois d’Enghien’s suspicious comments.
« Why do samples for journalists need to be "prepared"?Aren’t the bottles simply taken "at random" from the barrels?Are these samples "improved" to please critics? »

Definition of prepared: organize in advance.
How can you taste a bottle on Monday when the wine is still aging in the barrels, except if samples are taken 2 or 3 days in advance from the barrels?
Definition of samples: small representation.

If the sample of this new wine is too far from the wine delivered, it is called a fraud and no respected brand can survive for a long time if it is not able to prepare samples close to the final product. Chance doesn’t apply in this case but instead, rigor, forecast and experience as the goal of all the tastings taking place in most cellars is to sell the wine. 1st and 2nd wines will, in general, be presented and in rare occasions the 3rd.

Nothing prevents you from subscribing to the primeurs system, the notes, prices set in advance and instead choose to buy wine already bottled. Be careful though, if you are suspicious, your life will be difficult in the world of wine. Is the wine sold in the USA the same as in France? Is this bottle – coming from the same barrel as the one rated? Or than the bottle tasted in a 3 star restaurant or with a journalist or a wine merchant? Is it the same one as the one bought in the supermarket? Even worse, is it the same batch of corks?
Or worse again, are you the one telling the truth?
Or, what an anxiety! Is life just an illusion, hot air and trickery?

In another register, yesterday, Murielle was all worked up and stressed out :
Will the meal be good enough?
Will our friends be happy to share our bread, wine and truffles, and the rabbit smothered with shallots and the sautéed potatoes?
Will the vanilla from Tahiti and the custard work well together?
Will we be able to be ourselves and still be in harmony with our friends?
Yes, perfect. (the glass is, perhaps, half full…)

Valandraud 1995 was in great shape, Pétrus 1999 even better than in a dream, Maury 2004 from Marie and Jean-Roger Calvet served before coffee was like a caress.
The 2007 Valandraud White and Red, and time flew by too fast. It’s an advantage to remain hungry, hungry for real food as well as intellectual nourishment…
What a great moment, what luxury to have a job which allows such things. Thank you.
When can we start again…

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