Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pomerol /Decanter/ Rolland

After Revue du Vin de France, Decanter published several articles on Pomerol : 4 pages dedicated to it, and this, following a 6 page article on Christian Moueix (man of the year 2008).
In the same issue, the title “Italy: the French connection!”. Only Michel Rolland is missing. Maybe he is too famous! Too French!
In any case, Michel Rolland is proving (as if he needed it) with Château La Dominique, that he is the king, able to make a great number of great wines in 2007 with his talent to blend, and experience as a plus…

Just a quick round trip to Paris with Air France, cheaper if one travels with his partner or with an employee (land of equality?), to tape a TV program for TNT Ile de France (France’s digital network) - Tomorrow TV IDF.
It will be a good opportunity to eat with the owners of Château de Carles.

Decanter on the web:
A great amount of investment is being made in bottles of wine. Don’t expect wine lovers to find the same prices as 10 years ago!
This way of choosing wine doesn’t look at the quality but the profits earned in the past. To put this in perspective this article: Trees don’t grow all the way to the sky, which means that if a cru has increased by 50% per year for several years, it will most likely stop.
Valandraud has not been a speculative wine for several years. It was listed as the best investment 10 years ago. Just shows you that here, as in the stock exchange, one has to be careful. The ideal situation is to buy these kinds of wines to drink with friends, and this, is the best investment in the world.

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