Friday, March 14, 2008

Long live journalists and Bordeaux 2007

From time to time, in our industry, I notice that “malicious” journalists are sometimes allowed to make a faux pas: this situation makes me think of an article published in the Revue du Vin de France on the 2007 vintage which was written by a colleague foreign to Bordeaux. I would have loved for him to taste Talbot 2007, Connétable de Talbot 2007, Caillou Blanc 2007. I had the privilege to taste them along with 100 professionals from Bordeaux including wine merchants and 4 brokerage firms.

Well, I am not going to rave about the left bank for, it is well known that it is on the right back that successful wine will be found this year (Bordelaise humor;-)).

Joke aside, when the 2007 vintage produces the kinds of wine I tasted, my experience tells me that our customers will like them. The only problem? prices. But this doesn’t concern wines like Talbot which is one of the best “brands” from Bordeaux (which means that the price has been well “thought through” and is always accepted by our customers).
In fact, the Euros is still strong and other parameters have to be taken in consideration, especially when you are dealing with a vintage which is of rather good quality but not speculative like 2005, which still is in high demand. Well, these questions will be answered in a few weeks.

On the way back to Saint Emilion, I stopped by the friends of Château Sénéjac where 2007 was also a success. We tasted the last vintages of this cru which is part of the Biturica club, as you already know. We also tasted at Château Beau Soleil which has just been included in the group of legendary Pomerol in the last Revue du Vin de France.

The day before, I was in Paris with Murielle, or more precisely in Bagneux to tape a TV program for the Demain TV (Tomorrow TV) channel: more than 2 hours of taping with a nice group of self made entrepreneurs and company executives explaining that it is possible to create successful businesses in France if one has the energy and a good project. This program will be broadcasted on multiple occasions at the launch of this channel on the Ile de France TNT network (French Digital Network). I met a lot of people and everyone was attentive to what others had to say, and curious to learn about the neighbor’s story. The empathy of the journalist, and joie-de-vivre of the guest made the time flew too fast. We exchanges cards and promises to meet again and I even received a generous contribution to help my company sell wine (thanks Stephano).

Stéphane Droulers planned dinner with his friends at 8 pm and we arrived at 10 pm! I didn’t even have time to write down the name of this nice Italian wine and was just able to enjoy Paolo Petrini’s cooking.

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