Monday, March 17, 2008

Studious weekend

Saturday for lunch at the Château La Dominique, we received a group of (famous) consultants and 2 Masters of Wine English students. Visit and tasting followed by a lunch in a good ambiance, this helped by a professional host.
The 2006-2007 samples of La Dominique were very good and during lunch, this group, which has visited a few well known crus, has, if I understood correctly, preferred our 2001 and 1998 (more accessible, I suppose) and my comments, which were different from the usual speech made by other chateaux. It caught their attention, which looked to be an uphill battle.

Is it useful? Is it necessary to spend your Saturdays and Sundays doing PR to gain notoriety? That’s another story. It would certainly easier doing nothing.
Is it profitable? Probably not. However, if my work was only based on profitability, I would not have had the chance to get this kind of demand and to be invited to the sorts of event I participate in.

I watched again “La Vie de Château” which is constantly broadcasted on TV7, to see if I said any stupid things. The editing is true to the spirit of the interview, which is perfect.
Florence Lafragette was very professional and able to focus the discussion on the objectives of Clément Fayat, who’s presence was even felt.

Sunday, family lunch to celebrate the birthday of Murielle’s father, who will turn 79 on March 20. It is the last relax day before the next few weeks which will be busy with a full agenda.

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