Monday, March 31, 2008

"Parker barrel"

If I understand correctly Philippe’s point, I have a harder time with Jaime Marfish.
Jaime Marfish (funny web address! Just a reminder: I accept pseudo on my blog – as long as it remains decent), states that it is a known fact that the Parker barrels have been wildly used and that they still have a great future. There it is!
Give me names Jaime, please do! Just to confirm your affirmations…

As the monster of the Loch Ness, Parker is supposed to have a specific palate, American, and of course, inapt to understand subtleties: this is a fact for anti Parkers.

In fact, Parker has surely influenced some producers, like the Michelin guide influences a few restaurants. Parker is not responsible for his success, and if some property owners produce wines to appeal to his taste, they do it for commercial success (including myself). Certainly, I liked “Parker” wines before producing wine and going on the other side of the fence. I also had the Luxey taste, the Bettane taste, the Burtschy taste, the Quarin taste, the Jancis Robinson taste, the Tanzer taste, the… taste, the… taste, the quasi homogenous taste of wine critics as well as wine lovers. Excuse me, and many of my colleagues, for not having a taste for: unclear, unripe, vegetal, diluted, TCA.

Is it abnormal to want to please your customer? Parker is a booster and helps make wine accessible.
I would welcome Parker barrels, as I love Parker wines. it would finally give me regularly the 100 points so much coveted and well deserved!
I am ready to invest my entire small fortune in a cooper who would make miracles, like in Lourdes, with my wines aged in Parker barrels. I would only make wine appealing to gurus and other media. Why a barrel versus barrels? The price invested in these barrels would largely be amortized, wouldn’t it?

Long live fantasy! I also had to make an effort to be successful. Artists are not the only ones who have to do this! Of course, a little talent is also needed, otherwise it doesn’t work.
That’s how the ball bounces. Every one as the right to have his, or her, own opinion in our democracies. Yes, they do…
It has to do with the way we manage our lives, as the way we make our wine: we do the best we can. In any case, it always ends badly. So lets just go through life with optimism.

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