Thursday, January 10, 2008


Bertrand Le Guern worked on a statistical study for all Bordeaux wines from 1997 to 2007 taking based on the notes of the Grand Jury Européen, Jancis Robinson, Robert Parker, Stephen Tanzer and the Wine Spectator.

To bad that a similar statistical study was not made for each critic… This would give Parker his own classification and the opportunity for the reader to check if it corresponds to his own!
This could also be instructive to do the same within a specific time frame.

On the 462 wines (or so) rated, Yquem arrived first, Valandraud 38th (Still I beleive to deserve better), Marojallia 67th, Croix de Labrie 93rd, Franc Maillet Jean Baptiste 95th, Gracia 103rd, Haut Carles 181st, Virginie de Valandraud 191st, Clos Margalaine 209th, Clos Badon-Thunevin 229th, Compassant 259th, La Dominique 274th and Commanderie de Mazeyres 355th.

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