Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

When I was a bank employee, the Crédit Agricole provided us with training courses to improve our sales, sell better and more. At that time (1970-1983), these sales practices seemed to me dangerous. I was a bit (even a lot), reticent (always opposed to being formatted). In retrospect, I have no regrets for I would have become a good bank employee. I would have climbed the ladder and would have stayed until my retirement, which would have been now! How dreadful!

In any case, I did accept this Maslow's hierarchy of needs to better understand others, at least, people who succeed socially.
I wonder if a similar theory exists for bitter or jealous individuals, people who always know-it-all, so I can better understand them…

First shovel in Maury!

The work on the new cellar in Maury has just begun. Below, the message and few pictures sent by Marie Calvet:
“I would have never imagined that the sight of an excavator could give me so much pleasure!.
Jean-Roger and myself were getting ready to experience an adventure with this project, but we are starting to realize that it is more like a battle. One can believe that pro-activeness and success aggravate the pettiness of some mediocre minds. Even though we were warned, we didn’t imagine that some would attack our project. However, and despite these issues, it is with happiness and perseverance that the Calvet from Calvet-Thunevin, armed with optimism, will carry on with the construction.
In a couple of weeks, the stone walls will start to go up, if weather doesn’t prevent us (at least, it wouldn’t be done maliciously)!”

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