Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"The million dollar nose"

The magazine Tasted and the best sommeliers in the world… This beautiful publication with a large print run and sold for less than 12 Dollars includes beautiful pictures, English and even Russian texts! Why not also include French? Perhaps, not enough customers and the market is too small.

Parker’s membership site published the complete article written by William Langewiesche for the very chic and influential Boston publication “The Atlantic Monthly” with the well known title “The million Dollar nose” about Robert Parker. It includes a piece on the Garagiste, Valandraud, Thunevin and especially Marojallia and Murielle Andraud.

This article was published in December 2000. For me, this was a long time ago. When you think that Marojallia was created in 1999 and Valandraud in 1991. We are looking with anxiety at newcomers who don’t respect the established order, or the established disorder…

Life is an eternal new beginning… Nothing is acquired, you have to deserve your place!

Thursday evening, January 24, lots of friends gathered around the Aubert family to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Château La Couspaude. In fact, it is in 1908 that Jean Prosper Robin acquired this 7 ha property for 43750 Francs!

On Friday morning, January 25, Alain Duran organized a tasting of the 2005 vintage with Cécile and Rémy. As for me, I was invited by Mr Clément Fayat at Château Clément Pichon to attend the announcement of the good results of the Groupe Fayat.

The results for the Vineyards were not good this year again, fortunately not due to me. Next year, I know that the sales will help finance the investments done in equipment and personnel necessary to reach the objectives set by the family and myself (already a lot of work has been done).

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