Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Going South

“It was not so bad”, as Nino Ferrer’s song goes…
On the site Dé, I read tasting notes on 2 wines I like :
Philippe Gard’s wines from Collioure: Quadratur, etc… and especially the ones Jeffrey Davis produced at la Clape: La Négly Porte du Ciel which grabbed the top spot from the best wines from Languedoc, Roussillon and Chateauneuf du Pape in 2001.
To bad our wines were not included.

On Parker’s site I read the results from a tasting of reasonably priced Bordeaux between 60 and 80 Dollars, where Monbousquet 2003, Quinault L’Enclos 2001 were featured. There again, I wished that Clos Badon or Virginie, even Haut Carles or Fleur Cardinal were included.
Well, as long as wine is being talked about and that this blind tasting features wines that are not so well known, I am fine with this.

Today, Mister Michel Rolland visited La Dominique to review the good, or bad, work done by his “students”, as well as give us his views on what needs to be done to reach the top 20 Saint Emilion!
A work lunch with the technical staff followed a tasting of the last vintages of La Dominique, including our latest one, 2007, which we have put great expectations.
During the meal, we will taste 2 successful vintages from this property: 1998 and 1989 (incredible).
Following, I will taste, at home, with Jean Philippe Fort, Rémi Dalmasso the final blends of 2006 before bottling.

Watch-out! Danger!... Already, yesterday, I had lunch at the “Lard et Bouchon ” with Alain and one of my friends who was just put in charge of the Grands Crus department of one of Bordeaux largest négociant.
I am trying not to eat or drink too much for lunch because I have been attending business lunches every day this week.
There is both the good and bad side in our industry… If you don’t pay attention, you can easily gain weight and even become a social alcoholic.

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