Friday, January 18, 2008


Yesterday, we tasted a whole series of wines from our domain sent by Marie and Jean-Roger Calvet.

First, Les 3 Marie 2005 (before bottling), yes 2005. This area has most likely not seen such aging à la Guigal! 100% Black Grenache (and really black), 2005 is better than 2004, this shows the level.

A beautiful batch of Grenache 2006 as well as Les Dentelles 2006, reaching a level superior to what has been produced so far. The work in the vineyards and the vintage helped take away the Maury flavor you could find in our wines.

A few batches of Grenache and Syrah 2007, in the same style. Our terroirs in Lesquerdes bring this freshness, the altitude of 300 to 400 meters increases the range of temperature and often the freshness and acidity of the fruits.

Nice work. Thanks to Claude Gros, the team helping Marie and Jean-Roger and their 3 associates in Saint Emilion it gets better each year.

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Kreutzer said...

Thank you for the comments on the new vintages from Calvet Thunevin. As an importer here in Denmark, it only makes me happy even thinking about the better quality on these wines. I drank the 2004 Dentelles on saturday and again the guests and I was blown away by the balance in this wine.

I look very much forward to the coming vintages.