Friday, October 12, 2007

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Wednesday, October 10

Did you have a chance to read the English, Japanese and Chinese translations of this blog ? Is it easy for my translators to retranscribe the emotions you get from the comments of Jérome Perez and Marie Calvet’s response? It’s a pity that non-speaking French readers miss comments posted in Dé, La Passion du Vin, as they are quite different (in my opinion) from the ones posted on Mark Squire’s BB, for they feature more than just talking about wine.
The poetic, love or historical dimension of ones achievements, innate and sometimes excessive, hysterical, dishonest, is in general human and often very sentimental.

Ah, the French! Always romantic, despite globalization, eager for esthetic, gastronomy, capable of seducing as well Americans, Chinese, Japanese who idealize France. I am now starting to understand, each time I travel around the world and rediscover my story, that the roots I chose give a true meaning to my life.

Murielle prepared 2 meals for 3 sommeliers from the restaurant Martin Berasategui (3 stars Michelin) located in the Basque region of Spain, in Lasarte-Oria, who participated in the harvest with us. We drank:
Rabaja 2000 from Bruno Rocca (Barbaresco Italy) very original, silky, tight
Compassant 2004, decanted for more than one hour
Valandraud Blanc N° 1 2005
Valandraud 2002 decanted for more than 2 hours
And to finish, with a home-made apple tart, we served a Pacherenc du Vic Bilh from our friend Alain Brumont. Le Frimaire (December) 1996, with curious aromas of asparagus. Great pairing with the tart.

The next day, we drank a Clos Badon 2003 and especially one of Murielle’s favorite wine : Flor de Pingus 2003 to celebrate the visit of the Spanish sommeliers, recognizing that sommeliers have played a major role in our success. I am especially thinking of our early days, where La Tour d’Argent, or today’s sommeliers as well as the Conrad in Tokyo, etc.

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