Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Friday, friends of ours invited us for dinner at the Hôtellerie de Plaisance, the high-end restaurant of Saint-Emilion: the 4 star hotel was entirely redone, with a new dinning room, a €55 menu with one of my favorite appetizer: Chef Etchebest’s Ravioli with truffles and Foie Gras… Great meal.
With all this effort, will they be able to get their 2nd Michelin star?
Answer in the near future…

We drank a very god bottle of Copa Santa from Domaines Clavel 1998, which was decanted. All this nonsense about wines from the South not being able to age.
This 1998 showed its age well and tasted even younger than some of the supposed appellation wines able to age!

This gives me hope that our southern wines will age well: les Dentelles, Hugo, and les 3 Marie (Constance being made on the fruit is intended to be drank young).

I spent the afternoon with one of my client, a Bordeaux negociant. We visited our vineyards not yet harvested near Fleur Cardinale, our cellar and vinification accompanied by his brokers.

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