Sunday, October 14, 2007

About to leave...

Friday, October 12

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with a journalist from Wein-Markt (Germany), Mr. Klaus Hermann who is doing a piece on Bordeaux wine consultants, which I am a part of…
He already met Denis Dubourdieu, then me, and was meeting with Michel Rolland. He will certainly miss at least a dozen as it is a very prolific profession here.

Again yesterday, beginning of the harvest for the Cabernet Francs and young Sauvignon in the sectors of Badon and Plaisance. Fleur Cardinale stopped and will start again on Saturday. As for us, I will be leaving to spend a few days in Montreal, Canada, then the US in Los Angeles and in the end in Tahiti where we will have the chance to have a few customers.

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