Monday, October 8, 2007

Everywhere, the harvest is going full speed ahead

Thursday for Lunch, Thanos Fakorellis, Murielle and I tasted a Clos del Rey 2003. This wine is produced under the supervision of an œnologue who didn’t take in consideration our obligation to create wines appealing to our consumers… Luckily, Jacques Montagné preferred listening to me and understands my expectations!

Talking about delicacies, we also drank a Chateauneuf du Pape Clos du Mont Olivet (Sabon), cuvée du Papet 2003. Such elegance, finesse, spices, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate! We greatly enjoyed this bottle served a bit cold. I can’t wait to taste 2004 which was a less eccentric vintage.
I thank the owners of their elegance and generosity, a rarity today. They were able to surprise me, which is not an easy thing to do.

Thursday, harvest of 2 hectares (4.94 acres) of Saint Emilion AOC which belongs to a classified property. Having no independent cellar, this wine will be vinified in the cellar of Prieuré Lescours for our “Bel Air Lescours”, a Saint Emilion at a very sweet price!
The afternoon was spent with a journalist and photographer from the Libourne section of the Sud Ouest for a report of our harvest.

A nice article was published in the Los Angeles Times featured our partnership in the Roussillon:

There's red -- and then there is Roussillon

Intense and unusual, old-vine wines from this Catalan region in the French Pyrénées are fresh, focused and amazingly affordable.

By Patrick Comiskey

…..”Other French winemakers have put down roots in Roussillon. Prominent players from Bordeaux have new ventures there; perhaps the best known is garagiste Jean-Luc Thunevin, whose St. Emilion wines at Château Valendraud have garnered worldwide attention. Thunevin has teamed up with Roussillon native Jean-Roger Calvet to form Calvet-Thunevin. The pair is producing some lovely old-vine based blends including such wines as "Hugo" and "Les Dentelles," as well as one of the region's best bang-for-buck blends, Cuvée Constance, a quietly understated cuvée with succulent red fruit that sees no oak, so the wine's dark mineral core really shows through.”….

From the Los Angeles Times

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