Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vinexpo, it’s over.

Vinexpo 2007 : this is the first time my company participated in the Bordeaux show after attending it last year in Hong Kong. Our stand, located in Hall 3, had the advantage to be far from everything and attracted only professionals who really had to find us and wanting to talk business. We had few “tourists”.
The synergy between our co-exhibitors Rollan de By, Laussac, Château Classic and us (including the Vignobles Fayat) gave good results and we will certainly be back in 2 years.
Lots of contacts, friendly, PR and especially business. We are developing a new network of contacts in countries I had somewhat put aside (Taiwan, Korea, Brazil etc..) Thursday, I had lunch with some of my colleagues in the Saint James restaurant in Bouliac. The meal was of very high quality served with wines I enjoyed as it was not for work, but our own pleasure. The conversation was lively and courteous: Some important professionals still confuse terroir with humid cellars, brett and TCA, they look so much for typicity that defects are often taken for quality.
Friday, another meal with Chinese from Taiwan.

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