Monday, June 18, 2007

A few answers

Friday, June 15 2007

I cannot answer every questions and currently my blog is a bit "light", for even though the futures campaign is difficult, it keeps us very busy.
In fact, having few privilege, in other words allocations allowing me to buy sought after wines first hand, I have to seek wines resold, and this "non speculative" vintage, doesn't allow me to properly do my job of "trader".
Up to today, the only wine that allows me to sell a few less "sexy" wines, is Vieux Chateau Certan - too bad: I have no direct allocations.
And Sunday, it is the beginning of Vinexpo: we have a stand with Vignobles Rollan de By, in Hall 3, stand R 358.

Here are a few answers:
François: you are as curious as me, I would have loved to have been intiminated by Catwoman ! And when I think that Christian Dalbavie served Clos Badon to Jodie Foster instead of me….
Patrick : I send you "patrical" work (oops, lapsus ! practical of course - French joke!), and you won't need ice cubes but an iceberg…
Jean Philippe : come to get Saint Emilion to get your answers. Call the office to let us know 05 57 55 09 13.

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