Monday, June 25, 2007


Am I allowed to philosophize when I only graduated from high school?

Luc Ferry speaks of globalization, creating anxiety…
Politicians have almost no more power (except creating war or wanting peace), and even business men always running after growing technology, always going faster and faster, as well as all sorts of improvement.
It is quite different from what was being said about globalization in the wine world, in other words, standardization of taste. It is in fact du to the fear of not being successful or being overtaken.

But fear doesn’t prevent danger and it is our responsibility to create demand for something else than performance, as it is being done by a few winemakers “bobos (middle-class bohemians)” – “organic” – “unconventional”. This was the theme of a successful proposal made to the wine section of Lafayette Gourmet by Bruno Queniou who chose a different route and had a successful campaign, which was quite an accomplishment… As it is for fair trade.

I found in the internet this Uruguayan wine. Take note of the label:

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