Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ad Culture

Some commercials generate a certain amount of gossip… including in the forum of La Passion du Vin where the ad for the Vignobles Fayat as well as mine have generated some talk. Both were published in Revue du Vin de France.
Here are my comments regarding the reaction they created: I looked at the Revue du Vin de France and like you, I think that several ads, including mine, could be better.

As Mr François Audouze said, we live in a world of communication (this site being the living proof) and at least, I never saw so many comments about an ad. This shows it had an impact.

When you deal with such a short history like ours, can we create classical ads / “classy”? We will always be considered as “foreigners” to the system, and even “parvenu” or “nouveau riche”, etc… So, there is no reason to get offended if you surprise, even if the meaning of the message was changed, distorted or not even understood.

Clément Fayat, who I feel honored to manage his properties, was the employer of my father-in-law who worked all his life in his first company (he was his 15th employee).

I wanted a different image than the usual photo of a chateau. Instead, I wanted to show the involvement of the children in the organization and the vineyards to our clients, négociants and employees.

As for me, my hart goes “Boum”, even “Boum-Boum”, like in the song from Charles Trenet. Why a rooster? Because I always have one around me! He is always available : our rooster ; a mutt part Chinese, part Nègre-Soie. He has been part of my childhood and became a fetish. You can actually see it on the label of Clos-Badon. This morning, I would have liked to take a picture with my dog Max, or Inao, our Chartreux cat. And for your information, the father of this rooster is white and is now aver 10 years old, which is rare for a rooster… But of course, from time to time he drinks Valandraud!

(I understand why Bertrand tells me that he doesn’t like Pingus : He tries to convince himself, as Jacques Luxey did for the merit of the 1928 vintage - his own – and 1929!)

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