Thursday, June 7, 2007


I still like to reevaluate myself so tomorrow, my whole team and I will work on the reasons why Valandraud does not reach the first place or has the best notes en Primeurs?
Has the new terroir affected the style of the wine? Or we became so confident and complacent that we don’t even notice a gap? Our we the reason, tiredness, style, only Parker, should we only make wines to cellar, our nice ph, why not overripe, plowing, keep weeds in the vineyard, barrels, us???

In the meantime, and regarding ratings, here is the result from Betrand Le Guern’s calculation:
2006 31st
2005 24th
2004 14th
2003 28th
Before, we were always in the top 20 almost every year !

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