Thursday, March 1, 2007

DECANTER event in London

On February 22, 23, 24 2007 we presented Clément Pichon and La Dominique in a Decanter event. This event took place in a chic palace « The Landmark », a 5 stars hotel with spacious rooms.

Catherine, Laurent, Murielle and I received a big customer in the restaurant Roussillon, which had, as the name indicated, a selection of wines from the Roussillon and the South of France.
We had a risotto with Black truffles from the Périgord which we enjoyed greatly and drank a Roc des Anges 2005 Cuvée Segna de Cor (I think) good, in the style of wines not too heavy and fresh from the Gauby school, a pleasant wine and a Soulanes blanc Maury with chocolate desert. In addition and in the same register, and especially in our taste, a wine which, unfortunately, is all sold in the USA, La Pertuisane 2004, rich, ripe, powerful, garrigue, spices, chocolate, from grapes mainly grown in this little corner of paradise we know well as it is where Jacques Montagne produces his Mas and Clos del Rey. I am talking about the Coume du Roy, a virgin place free of pollution, where even cellular phones don’t work!

We attended a breakfast where men were wearing gray pants, blue jackets, in the Crus Classés 1855 style, as Murielle indicated, while we were wearing Lacroix, Gauthier or Calvin Klein, two different world yet each looking for the best, classic, modern. This shows that Bordeaux is undeniably today’s world leader in great wines.

In any case, the number of people who visited our stand was quite limited, maybe 20 people tasted our wines. The fact that we were number 87 on the liste might have not helped. Our sign might have also contributed, vignoble Clément Fayat is not as well known as Château La Dominique. Fortunately, the quality of the contacts versus the quantity is more important. Near us, our friends and colleagues had more attendance, Cyril Forget for Larrivet Haut-Brion, or all the stand representing white wines attracted well informed consumers (supposedly, more than 600).
Next to us, the Château La Lagune with Caroline Frey allowed us to be often photographed, I was able to better know Mr. Jean-Noël Hervé from the too discreet Château Moulin Haut Laroque (who has a blog) Fronsac, near Château de Carles, I spoke to Stephen Broux and Andrew Jefford, and also met the 3rd generation of the very promising Château Sérilhan with his father, one of the best way to communicate for the future!

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