Monday, February 26, 2007

Fancy tasting!!!

On February 13, I had a meal with Caro, Leo and their friend who is a great wine collector and amateur in a famous restaurant called Chez Inno. Great French cuisine has been prepared in this place for quite a long time. Chic environment (Art Deco), friendly service, cuisine level of a 2 stars Michelin.
Our host had us taste blindly 2 American wines and 2 French. Almost everyone guest correctly (as for me, I mixed-up between Harlan 1991 and Valandraud 1995 – I will point out that I am consistent as I rarely recognize my wine) and everyone guest the origin of Le Pin 1993 and Siné Qua Non 2002.
These 4 great wines are rarely opened during the same meal, the difference between the vintages was in my opinion barely noticeable except for Le Pin 1993. Siné Qua Non 2002 was my favorite, me who likes young wines. The group chose Valandraud 1995 as number 1 (even chosen last would have not been a fault). The bottle of Calvet-Thunevin Hugo 2002 offered by our host to the cooks didn’t last long, the visit of the cellar of this great restaurant full of great wines which were sold at tables: Champagne, Burgundies and even the very rare Clos Léo served for 2 beautiful women at the table next to ours confirmed one more time that sommeliers are our best friends, capable of promoting a “favorite choice” wine without being a “historical” cru or with high ratings!


ChinaLawBlog said...

Congrats on your being mentioned in the WSJ! I ocassionally write on China's wine market over at my blog.

Jean-Luc Thunevin said...

Thank you. I just returned from New York and saw the article. Very nice. The world is only expanding...