Sunday, March 11, 2007

Trying not to lose the rhythm !

Since I got back from the US, Tuesday 6, I had to deal with this week’s mail, signings, purchase (more than 150 000 bottles) of 2006 Bordeaux, Côtes de Bourg, Castillon for our stock as you can still find the best batches.

I had a conversation with the person in charge of 2 prominent classified growth in Saint Emilion and in the evening, tasting of batches of Croix de Labrie 2006.
Wednesday 7, visit of our friend Tokuoka (from Japan) to work on common programs for the future, tasting and brainstorming on various subjects, Then, I had lunch at home with a large wine wholesaler specialized in direct sales to consumers, met with our œnologue Fakorellis (for the blending of Blanc de Valandraud No 2 2006, which will be a success) and a photographer from Decanter for a photo session for a future article.

At lunch, we drank a Blanc de Valandraud No 2 2005 (we only have two bottles left in the cellar), followed by my last bottle of Château Bon Pasteur 2001 (I will buy another case), with incredible aromas of truffles, soft, easy to drink. Everyone served themselves again asking if the truffles used in the dish gave this taste to the wine, as it happens during the meals served by Jean Claude Aubert at la Couspaude, or that the aromas blend for our greatest pleasure (truffle aromas impregnate easily with wine). We finished with a Croix de Labrie 2000 a bit closed, almost Médocain.

In the afternoon, normal work, Groupe Fayat and at 7pm visit of a plot of land for sale in our area with our vineyard manager, Christophe Lardière.

Thursday, round-trip to Paris to meet with the affiliate of the Groupe Fayat: Bomag and Friday morning I felt a bit of tiredness.

Oh, and hurrah to the French bureaucratic system: I read, on the fiduciary review, 6 pages on method to apply for a tax credit given to business directors for job-training. All of that for a maximum sum of 330 Euros and 80 cents. What a beautiful country which gives such large tax refunds to company directors!

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