Thursday, March 29, 2007


Why, March 28, we are still waiting for the price for the 2006 futures ?
Why, this year, am I receiving so much demands for these quality wines but often considered with a lesser image?
Why are some of my colleagues telling me every year that it is the end of concentrated wines?
Why not say instead why are lean wines, vegetal, hollow, diluted, without fruit, dry, still produced and even presented to us?
Why confuse respect and waffle?

Because I love this job of négociant, I still want to taste, discover, be seduced.
Because, even during the tasting of the Association des Grands Crus Classés in CAPC yesterday, I was again surprised by the warm quality of 3 or 4 of my colleagues.
Because, even in the craziness of our jobs, 5 minutes of conversation are worth all the best therapy.
Because, As soon as I feel depressed, my friends, even far away, even different, send me a little sign.
Because I couldn’t have done this job without passion. And abandon my passions is still not what I want today.

To go back to the tasting of the Association des Grands Crus Classés of Saint Emilion, I tasted around 40 wines and my favorites were: Laroze, Clos des Jacobins, Dassault, Fonpéglade (top), Franc Mayne, Grand Corbin Despagne, Grand Pontet, La Clotte, La Couspaude, La Tour Figeac, Soutard (Even!), Le Prieuré, Les Grandes Murailles, Clos Saint Martin, Berliquet, and maybe 2 or 3 more.
And of course, Fleur Cardinale and La Dominique.

Which is, all things considered, around 50% of success, and the proof that we are still in a good vintage, even if the market has not yet noticed.
2006 has more fruit, more maturity, more length, more purity than 2004, which has the advantage of already being bottled, can be tasted, and especially at prices that seemed today sweet.

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