Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Union des Grands Crus and festival at Valandraud

We will have again this year Vega Sicilia on Monday morning, April 2, and other cult wines like Pingus and the wines of Armin Diehl, and of course all the wines of my friends.

It will most likely be the last time that the tasting will take place rue Vergnaud, in the historical cellar of Valandraud. Next year, I plan to do the tastings with a smaller group of wines, for lack of space, at the Château la Dominique, where the reconstruction work will be finished, and at Marojallia in Margaux. I can still change my mind but it is true that between the problems of parking, space and supplies, the 2 next places will be more appropriate.

Aside from that, we met yesterday a nice group from the Repaires de Bacchus and ChateauOnLine to speak about the 2006 vintage, and had a nice conversation with the owner of Château Bellegrave in Pomerol. Jean Marie Bouldy is one of the most discreet but still one of the most professional person in our business. He was responsible for Château Bel Air Ouÿ before I bought it and transformed it into Valandraud. He is also responsible for the properties of Catherine Péré-Vergé, which consists of famous properties like Château Le Gay and La Violette in Pomerol (which will be according to Jean-Marie, one of the best of the appellation in 2006)

We spoke about business, Jean-Marie has for a long time developed a network of contacts with more than 60 restaurant with stars or recognized in Paris, and who just miss a recognition from Robert Parker. Parker who is currently in Bordeaux to taste the 2004 (for the 3rd time, and after bottling, except for Valandraud which will only be bottled later this month) and the 2006 vintage for the first time.
Like every year, I wait for him to tell me that my wines are the best of all time and that he gives me 100 points so I can enter the legend like Pingus… It did not prevent Peter Sisseck from breaking his leg falling from the top of a palette.
The note doesn’t protects you from everything, like a gris-gris, except poverty… it does increase ones self esteem though, a well know driver for me, but this is another story!

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