Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yesterday Monday

9 am, purchase of a warehouse in Saint Etienne de Lisse (with a little vineyard and a house).

11 am, tasting before bottling the 2004, 2005 vintages and the 2006 futures.

12 pm, tasting and lunch with the owners of a little property in Margaux. We had an open conversation about the market of Bordeaux wines.
2 to 4 pm at the office.

4 to 7:30 pm: Château Haut Mazeris and Château de Carles with James Lawther who is writing an article on Fronsac, which he knows well as he lives in the Entre Deux Mers. Fronsac, the sleeping beauty… Which prince with wake this appellation up? And is it rally necessary, especially for the well informed consumers who find in this area the best QPRs available (good wines costing less that 10 Euros, and for less than 25 Euros one can find wines capable of competing with some of the best wines in the world).

Owners are longing for financial reward and press attention for all their efforts.

Wholesalers are still pouting and distributors ignore… for how long?

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