Thursday, January 11, 2007

Second Wine

For those who didn’t read the thread on the forum of La Passion du Vin, here is the comment I posted regarding second wines.

Virginie 1996, old style was the true 2nd wine of Valandraud and in my opinion should have already been drunk. Light, like any good 2nd wine. Since the 1997 vintage, it became a 2nd brand. The high price it reached in the marketplace pushed me to create a 3rd wine which actually became the 2nd wine of Valandraud (and Virginie). I only copied Latour with its Fort de Latour (which has no longer been the second wine for quite a long time, in my opinion) and its 3rd wine, the Pauillac de Latour.
I know that this concept is a bit complicated, but this is the way it is… I could still change my opinion in the future. This depends on the market, my clients and my objectives (financial, image, etc.). One needs to understand that, regardless what the owners say, a second wine is made with lesser lots, grapes from younger vines… The only difference with me is that I age them luxuriously in 80% - 100% new barrels.
Other than that, yesterday was my “médocaine” day.

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