Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Austria suite

Still, in Austria … where wines taste better, maybe due to the altitude (1800m -5900ft) and the air is cold and dry?
We tasted:
Monbousquet 1999, very good
Valandraud 1995 , maybe our best bottle in this vintage!
Clos de Sarpe 1966, old Bordeaux style and 2001, good wine.
A series of Providence (New Zeeland) from Mr Jim Vuletic, 2004 / 1998 /1999/ 2000/2001/ 2002 (good wines) and 2003
Neumeister 2005 Sauvignon
A 100% Malbec (from Mendoza, Argentine) very very good 1977 : Cuvée Estrella de Weinert
Kollwentz 2002 cuvée Point, Burgenland varietal, good
a fantastic Nigl 2005 Riesling, to drink and drink again… (I will buy some!)
Back in Saint Emilion, We drank 2 good wines: Ermitage Pavillon from Chapoutier 1998 and Balthus 2004

Oh, I forgot to say thank you for a foie gras received by Murielle, foie gras cooked with spices and dried fruits, from the favorite cook of Geoffroy and Thibaut Sciard (Château Faurie de Souchard)…. It didn’t last long !

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