Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Passion for wine

Regarding the long aging for Valandraud 2004 and in response to the statements of Vincent Lucien, Bertrand Le Guern, Pinard and Mauss:
In fact, refining without drying out is the difficulty. Of course, I could have thought about stopping the extractions process during the vinification, but it is too late… So it is a matter of looking for the polymerization of aggressive tannins by a smooth and patient aging process. Michel Rolland already recommended this long aging process for the 1994 vintage which worked well as Valandraud 1994 was quite a success in the context of this vintage.
2004 is of course a much better vintage, and to answer Vincent Lucien, I will only know if my choices were right when my customers will taste the first bottles.
In Mr Pinard’s words, who had the kindness of saying good things about l’Interdit de Valandraud 2000 and who had especially the good idea to carafe this wine in order to get its full potential…Well we come back to Jean Marc Quarin’s statement (which I take at face value): each bottle is different and everything is important, the moment, the place, the company, the glasses, the temperature, the ventilation and our frame of mind.
Of course, regarding the price of my wines, everyone knows even without being well informed, that they are in the luxury category, and this, for more than 15 years!

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