Wednesday, January 17, 2007

La Regalona

The new chef and owner of the Clos du Roy reopened yesterday.
We were invited by Mr. Escourrou and his partner, owners of La Régalona in Cabardès (One of Jean-Marc Quarin’s favorite restaurant), and discovered the changes they made: Stylish decoration. We were able to taste a new menu at 28 Euros (only served for lunch). Perfect meal, the way I like it: modern cuisine but tasty. Still missing (in my opinion, as usual a bit critical), Riedel style glasses (what are their sales reps doing?) to show off our wines, wouldn't it be useful for Saint Emilion?
The wine list is the same as the previous owners, I am sure it will evolve…
During the meal, we drank a Château Pipeau 2000 (35 Euros), delicious.
To sum up, I wonder if taking this lunch menu out of the evening selection and offering an average 40 Euros price for a tourist is a bit discriminatory.
The February issue of Revue du Vin de France just came out. I read an article on second wines from classified growth, so Virginie was not included. It is unfortunate, this is probably the same journalist, who wasn't aware that I had presented Valandraud for the classification, who made the selection.
Chapelle d’Ausone finished first, in front of Petit Cheval and Carillon de l’Angélus.
Also, an interesting article comparing Roussillon and Priorat with nice places for the wines of our friends: Domaine de Serrelongues, Domaine Eternel, Clos des Fées and us with Hugo and a comment discribing these wines with full mouth, creamy, sweet (with “what a pity”, when you think that our wines are really dry and stable, a sensation I would like so much to have in Saint Emilion, is being criticized in Maury).
Thanks again to this RVF to honor Fronsac. You know how much I regret that our entire business (including myself) is incapable of promoting these incredible values. The best ratings included: Canon de Brem, La Dauphine, Fontenil, Moulin Haut Laroque and Haut Mazeris. Missing (maybe for not being tasted) is Château de Carles.
In Castillon, Aiguilhe, Domaine de l’A and Veyry share 1st place.
To conclude, nice spot for L’Essentiel in the section Bistrots à Vins where Ausone, Cheval Blanc, Yquem and Valandraud are served by the glass.

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