Monday, January 15, 2007

Quiet weekend

Like every Saturday and Sunday, we visited our vineyards and cellars. Yesterday, Murielle and I went to see the progress on the roofing of Virginie’s cellar in her Lalande de Fronsac property. We had a long chat with Auguste, an 80 year old ex sheep herder from the Pyrénées, who was taking a walk with his dog. He told us that he kept 200 ewe on the property for their organic fertilizer. The owners of this property were from Paris and used to come in August, way before seaside resorts became popular. They installed running water for the whole village (in 1880). They had a tennis court, guest houses and before WWII, organized parties in the little oak forest (nicknamed “Bois de Boulogne”!) which the old people still remembered.
In the meantime, this property has to be entirely rebuilt, the vineyards of white and red grapes (20 hectares – around 40.5 acres) and the meadows are still in bad shape, but we will see the difference in a couple of years.
Yesterday for lunch we drank a Chapelle Chambertin 2002 from Rossignol-Trapet. Thanks to Patrick, I had the pleasure to meet the owner, in tune with organic agriculture and I liked the wines I tasted from the barrels. This wine, which without any doubt is very good, is not powerful enough, modern for our taste… Still the two of us almost drank the whole bottle, which is usually a good sign.
I read that the wine of the Pays de France is finally coming. Well it is not too late. I am part of those who think that this will be a good thing. The Spanish example, once again ahead of France, will have forced our leader to think.

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