Thursday, November 23, 2006

Programme du jour

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

8:15 am, meeting with a banker from Paris who has been proposing me a property in Saint Emilion for the past 2 or 3 years.. and which is…or not…or maybe for sale (most likely for a high price, the owners being very rich and quite commercial).
I have enough in Saint Emilion, but it could interest one of my contacts, fortunately, I didn’t wait for these types of offers to move forward. It goes that way for managers of small fortunes who want to manage the money I don’t have, as all has been reinvested in my business. I prefer to create wealth that managing it.
After the office, meeting on the building site of Bela Air Ouÿ at 10 am with the architect to reactivate this site which, at this rhythm, won’t be finished before March. Yet, we need this little “Hotel-boutique-Chambre d’hôte in a château”, to help with promotion.
For your information, this concept of “Room in a château” is growing in Bordeaux. Next door, Fombrauge, offers 5 to 7 well equipped rooms to rent (or not) depending on the customer. Fleur Cardinale has one, I don’t know if Faugère will keep on doing it. Haut Carles has 2 superb, Clément Pichon 4 or 5 and Marojallia has a luxury hotel, etc…
Then, I have to go to Bordeaux quickly go to Clément Pichon meet Christine Dupart, responsible for developping private customers for Vignobles Clément Fayat, and collect a few magnums sold by my wholesale business.
From 2 pm to 5:30 pm, I have to do a presentation in Hangar 16 in Bordeaux for students of the INSEEC (invited by Laurent Bergerac) to talk about selling, I suppose. Me, who always was an average student, here I go giving lessons! I was already contacted by a top Parisian school. What astonishes me is that after 15 years I am not yet out of fashion!

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