Thursday, November 23, 2006

Guide Hachette

Monday, November 20 2006

I just received the applications for samples and spec sheets for the Guide Hachette, this is one the best media support for wine sales, if the wine has been selected as a “Coup de Coeur” and is sold for a reasonable price. A “Coup de Coeur” for Valandraud (which I already received) has no impact on the sales, but would be incredible for Présidial 2005.
These tasting events are organized by our associations, the jury consists of some of our collegues (I think), which can explain why I don’t get any “Coup de Coeur” every time: If the person who rates my wines produces vegetal, light wines and taste like “old barrels”, he will certainly reject my wines, which have no TCA but are full, black, ripe. Of course, if I was a 1st growth, I would have no problems getting a “Coup de Coeur”…
Despite having tasted blind, only a psychic can write comments about the wine!

In any case, I sometimes received “Coup de Coeur”, despite the fact that the director is totally opposed to wines like mine: without any pedigree, history, classification and especially appreciated by Americans and of course getting good notes from Parker (you can see that in the DVD of the 10 hour version of Mondovino). A change in the management might make this guide less opinionated. As for Parker, his last book impacts sales of Valandraud.
For our Parisian friends: November 24 and 25, the “Grand Tasting” will take place between 10 am and 8 pm in the Carrousel of the Louvre. There will be 200 winemakers and 1500 wines selected by Bettane and Desseauve.
It is the 2nd time that I go to Paris for this genre of affaire. The first was with l’Amateur de Bordeaux and the Botting Gourmand in the Crillon Hotel. Very stylish, lost of people, sales impact…nil. Except, of course, for the organizers (and who knows). This year, I decided to participate to many events at least to present the Vignoble Fayat, Château de Carles, Château Haut Mazeris and some of our small properties. I will make a report later. Note that I am allergic to any media events and that I will need concrete results to carry doing such event.

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