Friday, November 24, 2006

Does fate exists?

If like me you are going to read the site of Jean Marc Quarin, you will see that he wrote that « 32% of the wines I taste are not good and 32% are ordinary”. As for me, when a buyer taste our wines in my office, 80% are easily approved!

Isn’t there a problem of approval with AOC? When will this issue be resolved? (For everybody knows that reforms are necessary)

In the documentary recently aired on France 5, I insisted that in 2005 all the wines were good in Bordeaux, like every part of a pig is good to eat, that all our wines, even inexpensive ones are good in 2005…but I forgot to specify that all the ones I buy and the ones I sell, for there are still, unfortunately, some sad bottles forcing our customers to taste everything we propose. And again I will mention Jean Marc Quarin who ends by “no good wine exist, no great wines exist without knowledgeable consumers” and I would ad without competent professionals like me who sign their bottles (Magrez, Rolland, Durantou, Borie, Despagne etc…).

Again, Jean Marc Quarin…who just wrote and nice article on “La Regalona”, a wine we carry and which we present during the UGC week at the beginning of April.

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